• What exactly is a hybrid conference?
    It’s a type of conference were the participants are gathering in-person as well as in a virtual environment or if you want onsite and online. The IATSO will be held physically in Frankfurt, Germany with a virtual website option. The attendees who will be unable to come to Frankfurt can attend the conference virtually. So everybody can choose flexibly between physical or virtual attendance according to personal needs and preferences! However, we recommend onsite participants to bring a laptop to be able to access the virtual information as well.
  • I want to register online but if I want to change later to in-person attendance is it possible?
    If you would like to change your status from digital to onsite ticket, you can write us an email at iatso@office.org. Note, that due to the fast changing pandemic restrictions, we cannot guarantee an onsite participation. Therefore, you need to wait for confirmation from our office until you can plan your trip to Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Will it be possible to skip from personal to virtual attendance?
    If you would like to change your current status from onsite to digital, you only need to inform us at iatso@office.org.
  • Will be the conference platform with recorded videos available after the conference?
    Yes, you will have a unique full access to the platform for a couple of weeks after the conference. Additionally, some of the contributions will be permanently stored in the PsychArchives Repository.
  • If I will be registered for personal attendance and due to the SARS-CoV-2 restriction I will not be able to come will I have access to the online part of the conference?
    If you would like to change your current status from onsite to digital, you only need to inform us at iatso@office.org.
  • What is the difference between oral and poster presentations?
    As both types of presentation will be pre-recorded but the difference is the file format. In the case of oral presentation, you will deliver your presentation with a recording of you and the shared presentation in one picture in the length of maximum of 15mins. For the poster presentation, you will be required to deliver an PDF file with no recording.
  • Will the abstracts be published somewhere?
    Yes, you have the possibility to publish your contribution later in the PsychArchives repository in order to permanently store it and make your contribution citeable. Note, that you need to register for this after the conference took place. You find more information in the tab “conference information”


  • When is the deadline to upload my poster?
    All poster presenters will be required to upload the poster file (.pdf format) directly to the online platform by July 15, 2021. The personalized link will be sent to each poster presenter on July 1, 2021.
  • Do I need to pre-record a Video presentation or Audio file for my poster session?
    No. The only necessary file is your Poster (.pdf format).


  • Where can I find the Upload link for my pre-recorded Video presentation?
    We will send you a video upload link in an email.
  • I submitted my pre-recorded video (oral, Keynote, Symposia). How long it takes to acknowledge its correctness and useability?
    All pre-recorded videos will be checked for their quality, length, technical parameters etc. In case of any incompatibility of your video file, you will be automatically contacted by the technical department before August, 22, 2021.
  • My pre-recorded video is not exactly 15 minutes long (oral presentation), and I can´t further reduce the information in my Powerpoint slides. Is this a problem?
    We recommend keeping your video timeline as close as possible to the maximum length of 15 minutes for oral presentation. If the video exceeds the length significantly, we will ask you to shorten it for submission.
  • Which format should my video recording have?
    Upload of recorded presentations works only with 4:3 slides in an exported video in mp4 format.
  • We submitted a symposium. How do we record the presentation?
    Also in an symposium, every single presenter provides an own video for his or her presentation and upload it via the link that we send you in an email.