If you submitted a keynote, free communication or poster you will find all technical information here. Note, that free communications and posters are prerecordings that need to be submitted until the August, 15th 2021 by uploading them into a folder. Additionally, you need to fill out the Declaration of consent for audiovisual recordings that you agree on the recording and storing of your contribution. We will store your contribution in the website’s video gallery for three more months after the Conference took place.

How to present an oral presentation

If you submitted an oral presentation, you are asked to prepare a prerecorded video of your presentation. We prepared detailed instructions. We would kindly ask you to use 4:3 slides and save it in MP4 format and upload it by the deadline of August, 15th 2021 according to the Email that we send you. During the conference, your prerecorded presentation will be played according to the timetable. Participants are invited to leave comments or questions in the Communication page when your presentation will be played. We ask you to check this communication area and answer the comments or questions online live.

How to present a poster

If you submitted a poster at the IATSO conference, you are asked to prepare it in a PDF format with the size of A0 and upload it until the deadline of August, 15th 2021 according to the Email that we send you. Your poster will be presented and visible by the participants in the poster presentation section during the conference. Additionally, every poster will have a chat so that participants can leave comments or questions for you. We ask you to check this chat at least once per day and answer the comments or questions. Additionally, we ask you to be online when the poster session takes place.

How to present a livestream keynote

If you are presenting a keynote then you will be live on air. This can be either onsite or virtually.

  • If you present a keynote virtually, we will ask you to do a technical checkup in the week between August, 3rd 2021 and August, 13th 2021. The keynote will be held by entering a private Zoom room. For further information, please read our guide for how to join a zoom meeting. The discussion will be led by the moderator, who will present you the questions from the chat as well as from the onsite audience.
  • If you present a keynote onsite, you will be asked to bring your slides to the conference and do the live presentation as usual. Note that your keynote will be visible in the livestream and recorded for the video gallery. 

How to store your contribution in the PsychArchives Repository

We provide the possibility to save your contribution to the IATSO conference in the PsychArchives Repository. This provides a permanent DOI number that allows other authors to access and cite your contribution openly. If you would like to store your contribution in the repository after the conference, please click here for further information.