How to watch the Livestream

In order to watch the Livestream of Panel 1 (Keynotes), Panel 2 (German Keynotes) or Panel 3 (free communications), just click on the Tab Livestream, select your Panel and start the player. A speaker or headset is needed.

How to participate in the discussion in the Livestream

If you want to comment on a live presentation or ask a question, you can use the chat that is located on the right side of the Livstream player.

  • Keynotes and German Keynotes: Type your comment or question in the chat and the chair of Panel 1 or Panel 2 will see your name and your comment or question and introduce it to the author. Please note that your comment or question might not be answered by the authors if the time for discussion expires.
  • Free communications: Type your comment or question in the chat, and the authors of Panel 3 will see your name, comment or question and answer it. Panel 3 will be playing prerecorded videos so that authors might not answer your comment or question live but at any time during the conference.
  • Further discussion: If you would like to have more elaborated discussions with the author, you can ask the author to join the virtual meeting point. 

How to participate in the poster session

To participate in the poster session, you click on the Tab Livestream and select Poster. All posters are in PDF format. You can view the poster in the browser or download them by clicking on the icon. Technically you need an Adobe pdf reader. To discuss the poster, you can leave a comment or question below the poster. Since posters are available during the entire conference, the authors might not answer your comment or question live but at any time of the conference.

How to use the virtual meeting point

If you want to meet up with a colleague or a group of people virtually, you can use the virtual Meeting point. The virtual meeting point uses Zoom as an application. Information about how to use Zoom can be found here.

Virtual Entertainment

If you take part in the conference virtually, we have prepared some entertainment for you so that you too can explore Frankfurt. Enjoy!

Frankfurt City – The world’s smallest metropolis

As the European financial center and fair trade city, Frankfurt and its airport are global traffic hubs. In addition to its high-rise architecture and breathtaking skyline-view, the city on the Main is known for its riverside. Poets and thinkers such as Goethe, or the founders of the Frankfurt School have wandered through Frankfurt’s streets, passed St. Pauls’s Church down the Römerberg, and perhaps ended up with Ebbelwei, Grüner Soße and Frankfurter Würstchen – typical culinary delights.

To learn more about the city full of contrasts, its history and monuments, please have a look at the following links and especially Frankfurt’s tourist information:

 Online City Tour:

Online Campus Tour:

Frankfurt Food – Attention food lovers

If you want to try some typical Frankfurt dishes, like Grüne Soße, Frankfurter Würstchen or Handkäs`mit Musik (from the left to the right) you will find recipes in the following which you can cook at home: